Do you have a complaint? We are here to help!

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services and increase the satisfaction of our customers. Anyone can complain about the activities or conduct of our company and our departments / employees.

You can report the complaint by sending a letter to the registered office address of our Company (1023 Budapest, Árpád Fejedelem street 26-28.), and by sending an e-mail to

In addition to complaints, our Company also accepts software support requests sent to the e-mail address,, based on our Company’s current software support agreements.

An employee of our Company designated to receive requests to the above-mentioned e-mail address will examine the content of the letter. If, based on the content of the letter, it can be determined that the request stated is a software support related request, then our designated employee will act in accordance with our Company’s relevant contracts and SLAs. If, based on the content of the letter, it can be established that the notification contained is not a software support request / question, but a complaint, then our employee forwards the matter to the competent employee appointed in the internal regulations of our Company.

Subjective time limit for lodging a complaint is (the person lodging the complaint may lodge his complaint within a specified period from becoming aware of the infringed activity.): 6 (six) months.

Objective deadline for submitting a complaint is (beyond which the Company rejects the submitted complaint without any substantive investigation, regardless of the time of becoming aware of the person filing the complaint): 1 (one) year.

The time limit for investigating a complaint is 30 calendar days, which may be extended by a single period of 30 days in justified cases. In all cases, the extension of the deadline for the investigation of the complaint shall be justified and the complainant shall be informed at the contact details provided (except for reports made anonymously or without the contact details of the complainant).

We will inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation of the complaint within the above-mentioned deadline (except for anonymous or non-contact reports).

Detailed information on the handling of the data contained in the complaint can be found in the data protection information sheet of Grape Solutions Plc.