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Robotic Process Automation in Administration

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About the project

The focus of the project was to provide a complete automation solution for the customer service department and its process with the existing SAP system with the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robots.

The expectation was to increase accuracy and at the same time to speed up the existing manual processes of the customer service representatives.


The Business Challenge

After a precisely defined evaluation, those processes that were found to be worthy of automation were collected and optimized for a pilot project. The workflows were developed using the UiPath platform and the optimized processes were tested in the SAP test environment before going live operation.

As extra safety measures we implemented an intelligent error management and self-correcting algorithm and made the system suitable for live operation within the framework of UiPath Orchestrator. The employees were trained on the new processes for an even more optimized operation.

With the help of the client’s IT specialists in the related field, we created the infrastructure necessary for the secure operation of automated robotic processes in a virtual environment.

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