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Szilárd SZÉLL


Szilárd has been working in the IT sector since 2004, in addition to which he obtained a master’s degree in program design and mathematics from the Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University. He began his career as a tester, but in 2017 he joined Grape as a lead developer, where he oversaw on-site activities at a key partner’s site. As the Chief Product Officer of the company, he was responsible for managing product development which played a key strategic role since 2020. Moreover, he was responsible for handling and expanding the Grape Digital Portfolio. He has been the CEO since 2021. In his spare time, he likes to indulge his passion for geocaching with his wife and little daughters, and when the family is already asleep, he starts a battle for victory on virtual battlefields.

Károly KARA


Karesz started his IT career back in 2000, performed quality assurance as a tester on his first project, and over the course of 10 years gained extensive practical experience in software development in various roles as a business analyst, product manager, project manager, and he also acquired a degree in Electrical Engineering. at the University of Óbuda. He joined the Grape team in January 2016 as a business analyst / project manager. Currently, as a service director, his main responsibilities are managing existing services, expanding the range of services, and professionally leading the development and service team. In his private life, he is the proud father of a young man, and he and his wife like to have new experiences with travel and creative programs in the spirit of active recreation.

Ferenc KOZMA


Since 2009, Ferenc Kozma has experienced three significantly different phases at Grape, starting with the first Swiss partnership era, where the Technical Team Lead position meant BA, Architect, Dev Lead, PO and PM positions at the same time. He worked from sales support to almost every phase of the delivery process, he was an Azure P-TSP during the Microsoft Gold partnership but is most proud of the feedback about the professional support Grape gives to their employees and that this support is already visible during the interview process. He has been actively involved in shaping the company that has grown organically and he strongly believes that a knowledge-based, sufficiently flexible, and innovative company can only be made sustainably attractive through a company culture that puts professional excellence and a constructive atmosphere in the foreground and feels good to be a part of. From 2021, he entered the position of CTO.

Norbert NÉMETH

Sales Director

Norbert is an Economist and International Relations Analyst with years of experience in the field of payment software solutions and manufacturing payment devices. At the moment his main objective is to form Grape’s business strategy to be the most competitive with the current market trends. He leads the sales and marketing team to transmit all the high-end IT development products and services Grape can offer for companies that wish to continuously grow and improve.



Attish started his HR career in 2016 at one of the member companies of the MVM Group as an HR intern while attending university. After graduating from Human Resources Management, he found himself as a recruiter on the service provider side, including as the primary contact person for Grape Solutions Plc. Here, he was a researcher in charge of IT searches, then a recruiter and then a team leader. He joined the Grape Solutions team in 2019 as HR Team Leader. He is currently responsible for the company’s HR strategy, implementation and vision. As an HR manager, the well-being of employees and their commitment to the company are of paramount importance to him. In addition to his degree in economics, he has a degree in Recreation and Health Promotion (Semmelweis University), so not surprisingly he enjoys sports in his spare time. He is a great darts and American football fan. From November 2021, he entered the position of Chief HR Officer.

Mónika SZABÓ

Finance Director

Mónika Szabó joined the back office team of Grape Solutions Plc. in 2011. She had been responsible for managing the economic area and business planning, and today, she is managing the company’s financial systems. As a business informaticist, she also understands the specifics of the IT world and the challenges of financial life. She is a mother of two preschool children, in her free time she likes to read, play sports and go on trips.

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  • React to the world around
  • Amuse through example
  • Perfection made simple
  • Enjoy the journey

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